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EVSE Board Wake Up

My understanding is that the EVSE board is in sleep when the charger is not plugged into the vehicle connector. How does the EVSE board wake up when the Charger is plugged in? Also, does the EVSE board monitor proximity line with the vehicle?

OpenEVSE is only in Sleep mode if a charge timer is set. It will wake up as soon as the time window occurs.

OpenEVSE does not monitor proximity as the charging station has no role for proximity events.

Thanks for your response Chris.

So, even if the charger is not plugged in, the EVSE board always has power. Is that right?

Also, does this imply that the pilot line on the Charger plug always has a constant 12V or in other words, the pilot line on the Charger plug always has power?

Correct OpenEVSE is always on and the pilot is ready and waiting at 12v. The board uses less than 0.5 watts while waiting.

Got it! Thanks for the clarification Chris. Appreciate it :-)

Wen I plug the charger evse 4 , only one relay is trier on self test,I ear only one click ? Is it possible that à fuse is blown? Thanks .

It is not likely a blown fuse. If the fuse is blown nothing will happen.

Are there any messages on the LCD? Can you post pictures of your wiring?

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