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BOSCH EL-50600-6A compatible with OpenEVSE 50A kit?


I've recently built the Deluxe 50A OpenEVSE kit and was wondering if the Bosch EL-50600-6A J1772 conenctor is compatible with it? I have an opportunity to get the J1772 connector and 18' of cable from a friend.



Yes, you can use any brand of J1772 cable with OpenEVSE.

Thanks for your quick reply Christopher. Getting the 220v installed this week by my local electrician. Can't wait to get this powered up! 

Cheers, Gethin

2014 Leaf SL.

Just an update the Bosch EL-50600-6A J1772 works great, very high quality connector and a nice rubbery cable sleeve.  It was on sale on Amazon for $105 but I notice it's gone back up to $267.....

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