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DC input to OpenEVSE


(Just a far side dream, at this point.)

Will OpenEVSE work if I input 120v-240v DC? I am dreaming making a DC battery pack for occasional suppliment charging.

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Hypothetically, The OpenEVSE power supply will work on DC, The relays/contractor would have to be 12v DC and not one with an AC coil. Some safety checks may have to be disabled... However, there is no telling if the charger on-board the vehicle is compatible.

Hi, this question was posted 6 years ago. Is there something new ?

I am looking for a way to charge my EV directly with my solar panels (4000Wc, 62,5v or 125v or 250v) or another DC source (like batteries) without an AC inverter.

Could this be possible ?

Thank you

We'd need a DC CCS charger to do that. I'm eagerly monitoring projects around building an open CCS charger. Unfortunately there hasn't been much progress on this front.

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