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OpenEVSE Programmer ribbon cable issue

I just received and built my first OpenEVSE module. I wanted to work with the firmware a bit, so I put the programmer to use. 

I had one major problem. The ribbon cable only really fits one way on the board. There is a component next to the AC/DC power module that bangs against the key on the ribbon cable. 

I assumed 'this board is really laid out right - must be only one orientation'. This cost me dearly. Gave up on iOS, went to a W10 PC, new drivers for the programmer, etc etc. Hours of non work.

Finally shaved off the key to see if that was the problem. Sure enough, with the key oriented toward the bottom of the board, the programmer worked just fine. 

Figured I'd post this in case it saves someone else a bit of time. 


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Thanks Ed, that helped!

Thank you for this point. Now how did you get the driver to work in Windows 10? I disabled driver signing during the install of the driver but then after reboot Windows 10 checks driver signing again. Looking on the web it appears that this was a relatively recent change in Windows 10. Do I really have to dig up a non-Windows 10 computer to use the OpenEVSE Programmer programmer?

To answer my question I found this from the "How to Load OpenEVSE Firmware (WinAVR)" guide:

"You can get a signed version of the USBasp driver from Should make things a lot easier. Daniel - 01/05/2015"

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