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RAPI commands

I will be sending various RAPI commands to the OE via an arduino program. Questions:

1. reset - what is actually "reset"?  I don't want to reset total KWH

2. disable - will this be overridden by the Leaf's charge controller? differences from sleep?

3. sleep - what differs from disable?

4. enable - similar questions to disable

Should I be worried about any damage sending any of these commands under any circumstances while actually charging the Leaf?


I received answers via the "ticket" system - works great - here are clarifications of the RAPI commands:

Reset reboots OpenEVSE,

Disable shuts down in error state you may not be able to re-enable without power cycle.

Sleep is a charging station state for waiting and is a non error state. This is what you want to use for timers or waiting for a charge.

Enable wakes up the charging station.

No need to worry none of the commands can cause any harm. Use caution and do not set amps higher than your circuit can handle.

About use of the screen "print" commands:

To send the word TEXT to the LCD screen in Arduino code => Serial.println ("$FP 0 0 TEXT")

Is that correct?  This format does send other RAPI commands that are acknowledged on the LCD screen ($SC 06 as an example).


1.  The "0 0" parameters locate the start at the top/left of the screen?

2.  Will the text wrap automatically?

3.  What events will overwrite the text?



Christopher Howell, said 20 hours ago

Hi Mark,

0 0 is line 0 character 0. Test does not wrap, 2 lines (0, 1) 16 characters (0 -15) is the max. Overwrite depends the refresh of each element. Current is once a second, state (Charging, Connected, etc.) is updated on State changes.


I'm  having a problem with the amperes command "sticking".  It seems that the last "$SC XX" command is set as the current limit - powering down nor reset "$FR*BC" does not allow the leaf itself to set the current limitation - it "sticks" to the last ampere command.  My solar program allows me to send RAPI commands directly via bluetooth to the OE (TX/RX), so I can send any command that will reset the current.  BTW, I've removed the "menu" button to route the TX/RX and 12 volt power, however, as stated I can send any command via the arduino RAPI protocol.

Solved:  Before exiting the arduino program, I've set current above maximum that Leaf will allow as it appears the purpose of the $SC XX command is to set the maximum that a system design will allow (wiring, breakers, etc) and retains that value unless a new maximum is "programmed" in.

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