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Verification: Line-in Hot / Neutral reversed on 50A kit?

 I see that there is a comment about updating the silkscreen on the V2 board.  So just to verify, the silkscreen is backwards, and I should wire the unit as in the pictures, correct?

The inputs should go H,N, H,N, and H,N (not N,H) down the three connectors on the input side.

I don't want to get this backwards and let the smoke out...

As far as I read from other posts by Chris, it really does not matter. Since the device "in theory" does not know if you have a single phase (hot - neutral) or a two phase system (hot - hot).


Thanks, Haik.  I guess what I'm concerned about is the relationship between the Line and Test connections, if the phases are inverted between the two.  If they're isolated and the relative phase doesn't matter, then I'm ok.  I'm assuming that's the case, but will follow the pictures instead of the silkscreen.  Presumably, that unit worked properly when powered up.
What I see from the schematics, the test  connections are fed into a MID 400 AC line monitor IC. It converts 110-230V AC into a TTL or CMOS signal, so the processor knows that a line power is present or not. It is just an optocoupler on the hot-neutral side. So it does not matter how you connect the hot - neutral.


Ha! Perfect.  Thanks for checking.


Correct, none of the AC lines are sensitive to polarity. 

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