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Bluetooth; Arduino; RAPI Serial Comm

My goal is to type RAPI commands into an iphone app (Light Blue ?), connected with bluetooth (HM-10 BLE) to arduino uno with limited confirmation information showing on the OE LCD screen.  

Eventually,I will use the arduino to gather external sensor information for actual control of the OE via RAPI commands - both externally (iphone) and internally (some math relationships).  The "system" is an off-grid solar PV charging scheme  (L2) for my EV (Leaf).

Has anyone coded the arduino for something similar?  Being a novice at IDE programming, it has been tedious - but very instructive to get parts of the control system coded**, but getting the overall system to "talk" together seems quite daunting.  A starting point would be very helpful.  

**  1. RAPI commands "batched" to OE via arduino program.

     2. Simulating serial commands to OE with error checking via bluetooth (HC05)        with the "serial monitor" 

     3. Waiting on HM10BLE to test the serial commands via iphone.

     4. Amps and volts sensors logic to control OE amps ($SC XX) on the arduino.



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Update - all systems are working/talking to each other.  The iphone app sends RAPI commands to OE via LE bluetooth module of the arduino.  Both amperes and voltages are monitored via sensors and control the ampere setting on the OE to (hopefully) match the energy production of the solar panels. Next steps are to finish PV panel/electronics installation and then test actual Leaf charging under various seasonal and weather conditions.

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