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Instability in fwversion = "D1.0.3" for ESP8266


I've been using the development version (which is by it's nature of course, unstable) and it's been crashing pretty regularly. I've had it loaded for a week, starting maybe on the 17th? and the longest it's stayed up is maybe two days. It's the 23rd now. 

When it crashes, it goes down hard too. No ping response, and it's not dropping to access point mode either. 

Coincidently, I've also noticed that has been spotty as of late, so perhaps the 

The board I'm using is a Wemos D1, which has a nice onboard buck regulator, and I'm powering it from a good quality wall wart. Proper level shifters are in use on the serial line. 

The one thing I have NOT tried yet is setting it up to use a different server.


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