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State of charge and other info over pilot pin? General networking?

According to the internets, there are EVs (especially those that can charge with CCS) that have networking implemented over the pilot pin using some flavor of IEEE 1901 ethernet over powerline... homeplug or something. As far as I can tell, however, there is nothing in the way of information available on any of these standards, plus as far as I know, Qualcomm refuses to talk to anybody that isn't going to buy billions of chips and pay fees and sign NDA's etc. 

It would be really nice if we could have access to this network to get info about the car's state for obvious reasons.  Of course OpenEVSE would NOT be able to use the same hardware, as the CPU at this point is more or less completely full, but the bigger problem seems to be the networking, since it seems more or less impossible to even get so much as the physical layer in to place without hacking apart an ethernet to powerline adapter from Amazon. 

Does anybody else have any insight on this?

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