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EVSE control over WiFi

From what I have read so far it looks like the WiFi board adds only remote monitoring. Do you have plans to implement remote control functionality? It would be nice to have the ability to manually start and stop charging, set up rules based on time and power consumed, etc...

There are vendors on the market already offering at least a subset of these features.

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OpenEVSE currently offers full control over Wifi (start, stop, sleep, current, settings, etc.) via Remote API commands (RAPI). The WiFi firmware is actively under devolopment and the RAPI commands will also be available as GUI elements.

Chris, thanks for the answer. I can't find much information on RAPI with OpenEVSE. Is it user friendly enough for a non programmer to figure out? Do you have an estimate on the web or app interface availability?


Yes, It is pretty easy. Once you connect to wifi with a browser add /rapi to the address and the RAPI page will load. There are some common examples on the page. For Example to change current to 24A you would type $SC 24 in the box and click send. 

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Good enough to get started. Thanks for you help, Can't wait for my kit to arrive.


Gena  ты  получил  уже  wi-fi  kit ??? 

Да, уже вовсю работает. Есть вопросы- спрашивай, с документацией ситуация не очень.


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