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J1772 EVSE simulator to test charger

 I am working on a retrofit kit for the EMW 10kW 50A charger that has been offered in kit form and discussed on I have what I think is a proper implementation of the J1772 protocol as described in the OpenEVSE theory of operation, but I would like to buy or purchase a simulator for the EVSE so I can test the charger.

I don't have an electric car, but I am working on an electric tractor that will need a charger, and I could make a small EVSE for that. However it will be for perhaps 24 or 48 volts lead-acid batteries. I have a preliminary design for an EVSE but I would like to discuss some of the details. There is an EVSE now offered by, but I have looked at their design and it seems to have some problems. Their products were open source DIY kits, but now it seems that they only offer prebuilt and tested units, and most of their documentation is hard to find, or no longer on their website. But I have some copies that I downloaded a while ago.


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