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KW and wifi issue

Ok, I got everything hooked up and its charging fine.

I have 2 minor issues

1. The car charges and the watt # keeps going up but the KW on the right stays on 0. even after restarting couple of times. the KW on the right is suppose to add the total when you stop charging right?

2. The wifi Module is connect and configured but all the data shows up as n/a. been more than 4 hours and all feed data is still n/a. I have reconfigured the device twice but still the same. It picked up a locl ip address and I can login and change the device key but no data is being updated. Any Ideas?



The Wifi Module is online and I can get to it via local IP. Its setup correctly but no data. I verified the Tx and Rx pins with the OpenEvse v4 board and they are connected correctly. It does not look like its receiving or sending data to and from the board. The Device is being update every 30sec but the Inputs and feeds alwas shows as Updated n/a and Value NaN. 

1. You have to unplug the vehicle before the usage moves over to the totalizator.

2. I checked your setup and fixed the inputs the Node was setup as "Node 0" instead of just "0" so it was coming up as Node:Node 0.

Your inputs and feeds are updating now. 

Chris, you are the BEST. Thank you so much. This has been the best investment I have made since i purchased the car. Everything is working PERFECT.

Thank You


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