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Screw Connection Terminal Block Connectors

I was able to successfully complete my 50A kit build. I've since added the wifi module.

However, I definitely had many frustrations with the screw connection terminal block connectors. A few things I experienced:

1. One of the connectors had the "inside clamp" actually pop out. Using tweezers, I was able to get it back in successfully but it definitely led to close to an hour of frustration.

2. Some of the connectors simply aren't clamping down the wires, so the wires can slide out. It's not a case of the screw not being tightened enough. The screw won't go any tighter but is not holding the wires. My workaround was to wedge the wires in place for now as I think my only permanent fix option is to solder them to the thru-holes on the bottom of the EVSE board.

I would highly recommend ditching those terminal block connectors for a future revision. They were the single biggest (actually, only) frustration when building my kit. Is it not possible to use header connectors for that wiring too. If it added $10-$15 to the overall kit, I'm sure it would be worth it.

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