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AC input fuses on 30A build kit but not 50A kit?

I was looking at the 30A kit build guide and I noticed there are fuses installed on the AC input before it reaches the OpenEVSE board or the relays. But, the 50A kit doesn't have fuses. Why?

I'm asking because I'd really like to turn my current 50A kit into a 120V/240V capable build so I thought I would look for 40A relays driven from 12V like the 30A kit is. But, then I noticed the fuses in the build guide and wanted to understand why they were there in one kit but not the other.

The fuses are included in the 30A kit because many users use them while on the road. Adapters are commonly use to charge L1/L2...

One of the most common plugs on the road is the RV outlet (NEMA 14 - 50). Since the 30A kit includes components that can not adequately be protected with a 50A breaker, supplemental protection (fuses) is required.

The 50A kit is designed to support a 50A breaker, the capabilities of the charging station and supply circuit are balanced so the circuit breaker can provide sufficient protection.

Thanks for the explanation. So it sounds like if I could find a 40A relay that I can control with 12VDC, I could safely swap out the 40A contactor in the 50A kit with that.


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