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Screws for backplate in PC case

I'm finally about done installing my OpenEVSE, the 30A kit with the PC enclosure.  But I don't have the screws to put the backing plate in the enclosure.  I'm not sure if they weren't sent to me, or (more likely) I've misplaced them.  Does anyone know what size screws these are? 

There were four extra very fine pitch screws and nuts left over, presumably for the other type of LCD display.  Every other screw and nut are accounted for and in use, so I'm really scratching my head on this one.

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The 30A kit should use all the screws. The 50A should have 2 5/16 and 2 nylon locking nuts left over.

The screws to mount the metal plate to the enclosure are:

4-24 x 1/4 inch thread forming screws

They look like this:

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