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Nuisance GFCI trips


I need a bit of advise on how to battle the quite frequent occurrence of nuisance trips on my OpenEVSE. I verified already that the trip point is set accurately by running an additional wire through the coil and running an ever increasing AC current through that wire (Props to Nick for suggested the experiment). It trips just before 22ma AC.

I went on to measure the voltages coming directly across the GFCI burden resistor (channel 1) and also at the output of the first opamp (at the pads of an un-populated C14, displayed on channel 2).

The traces for both a fault condition and a deemed normal condition are attached for when the contractor closes upon insertion to the vehicle (BMW i3). There is quite a bit of variation so I'm concerned that I'm chasing down a red herring.

So any suggestions are welcome on interpreting these measurements.


(4.47 MB)
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Nucisence trips are not normal the GFCI on OpenEVSE has proven to be very reliable. It may be a good idea to replace your board ans see if the issue goes away.


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