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MQTT voltage topic

Hi all,

I have input what I think is the voltage topic published by my solar panel controller but the power shown in Openevse when charging is still about half what it should be. The system is set to 120v but I am in a 240v country. I have also tried changing the voltage via RAPI command $SV 230000 but it stays at 120v. I have tried this command both whilst charging and not.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Set service Level to L2 (240v) if the setting is L1 or Auto it will 120v.

Click the Gear icon

Pick the EVSE button

Pick Level 2 for the service level

Thanks for that, I searched a fair bit without success for how to change the voltage !

So that should get me somewhere in the ballpark for voltage and power but it's a constant 240v I believe so now I would like to get the MQTT value to work for more accurate readings. Any ideas what is wrong from looking at the screenshot ?

Also, just out of interest, why do you think the RAPI command wouldn't change voltage ?

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