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Wearing out NV Non-Volatile Ram

This is more of an informative post than a question.  I'm writing commands to my Evse 5.0 using the older 8266 wifi processor and figured out that the $SC commands I was sending were being stored in NV Ram.  So I tested by rebooting the unit and the last value I had sent was saved thru the reboot.  Searching the forum here lead to a single mention of appending V to the end of the command to NOT save to NV memory.  So I tested that by sending the unit $SC 22 , and later sending the unit $SC 17V .   When it rebooted it came up as 22amp unit.  I also tried to set the current higher than 22 and if I used the V it did NOT permit this.  So that's a safety thing... you can't accidentally go above the hard limit.

So in sum.... 
Write $SC NN to set the initial settings of the unit.  This should match your breaker and wire sizes.

Write $SC NN V to rapidly adjust current up and down without affecting the permanent settings or wearing out the NV memory.


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Correct, great summary. 

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