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ESP32 Wroom kit


To replace my broken openevse wifi v1 board, I bought an EPS32 38 pin Wroom board from aliexpress. I installed the nodemcu-32s.bin firmware on it, and it's all working. But I don't know which pins I need to connect this board to the openevse unit. I do have a pinout sheet, so I know which pins from the esp chip go where on the board, but which pins are set in the firmware to use?

And do I need to connect them to the I2C ports or the RX/TX ports on the openevse controller?

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Figured it out by checking in the platformio.ini. For anyone with the same board, you need to use pin 28 and 27, on this board they are labeled as G17 and G16 (TX2 and RX2)

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