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EmonCMS error on

 I'm trying to create a dashboard on but anytime I add a graph (A graph I created to show ev_power feed) it throws up this error:


EmonCMS Error
Message: ReferenceError: Vue is not defined
Route: Modules/graph/graph.js?v=2
Line: 1294
Column: 21


The graph still loads alright, but this message pops up repeatedly anytime I access the dahboard with this graph on it.

I did some Googling on the error, and it seems like it was fixed back in 2019. See Github issue here:

Is just running a really old version of EmonCMS? Or is something else going on here?

1 Comment is running a very old version of EmonCMS. The site is no longer maintained and will likely be removed from service soon.

Better options are to use the official EmonCMS service, an EmonPi on your own network or setup a private EmonCMS server.

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