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Rapi sleep command not working


I have just upgraded the wifi to a new board and used the v4.2.2 firmware. My hardware is 8.2.2 EU

When the unit charge toggle is set to "Enable charge" and a while later I send the RAPI command $FS it just goes to sleep for a fraction of a second. Likewise, when I put the unit into Disable charge and a while later I send $FE it just toggles again for a fraction of a second.

I have read other threads and I don't have any schedules or shapers set.

I wonder if anyone knows why or if I am trying to put the charger to sleep incorrectly since the upgrade.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Tom,

Your manual RAPI commands and the RAPI commands from WiFi 4.2.2 are fighting with each other. The WiFi firmware has a new claims engine. Here are the API details.

OpenEVSE Support

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