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Wrong firmware uploaded, unable to reflash with USB

Hi all,

I accidentally uploaded openevse_esp32-gateway-f_gui-v2.bin onto my wifi V1 board. Now I'm trying to upload the correct file, openevse_wifi_v1_gui-v2.bin using esptool but it is failing to connect. I've tried 2 different usb-ttl adapters. On both addapters the tx led flashes when trying to connect and I get some flashes from the rx led on the adapters. 

My question is do I need to press either the reset or gpoi0 buttons to force the ESP32 into bootloader mode?

I've done a fresh install of python and esptool and it's still the same.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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To get into bootloader mode press and hold GPIO 0 the hit reset. After reset release GPIO 0.

Alternatively, press GPIO 0 then plug in power/serial cable. Release GPIO 0.

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