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RFID to provide access to OpenEVSE load

 Hello everyone.
Have any of you ever worked on the subject of RFID authentication on the charging station in order to trigger the electrical charging of the vehicle.
Is there a turnkey solution? or an interfaceable solution?

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OpenEVSE has a RFID board coming soon. It will be turnkey, plug it in and go. It will support local cards or cards authenticated over OCPP.

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Hie thanks for your answer.

Do you have the timeline

We have a set of prototype boards ready to be built by hand. If they are 100% functional without any issues, then we are about 4 weeks out. If revisions are required, it will be a bit longer.

For local cards, can we get the card ID recorded in the charge event history?  That doesn't seem to be (yet) present in the OpenEVSE WiFi code.

We would suggest posting feature requests here:

RFID records in event history would be a nice feature, as well as energy usage reports per ID.

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