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new ESP32 module firmware update


is it possible to replace my wifi module to a ESP32 module and update the firmware?

if so please guide me how to set the programmer wiring also

Thanks in advance


can i use this type module with ESP32 chip ? NodeMCU ESP-32S

NodeMCU ESP-32S WiFi Bluetooth Dual Mode IoT Dev Board

I just bought an esp32-gateway module so I could used wired ethernet. I had to flash the board using these instructions:

The charger kit will be in themail today. But in the meantime I can communicate with the esp32 gateway board over wired ethernet and talk to it using http.

Take your time to read an fully understand all instructions. It took me a few days to absorb the information.

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Thanks !

Please keep in mind, the only module officially supported by OpenEVSE is the OpenEVSE v1 WiFi module. There are hundreds  (if not thousands) of different ESP32 designs out there, it would be impossible to support them all.  We have configured the build system to output firmware for the most common modules as a courtesy to help DIYers, however it does not cover all possible configurations. Some configurations will require custom firmware to be configured and compiled. 

Other notes, The 5v rail on OpenEVSE does not have enough power to reliably support WiFi. A 12v to 5v buck converter is required to supply enough power. The OpenEVSE v1 WiFi module has this buck converter on the board.

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