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Sharing my temperature/current/state chart, from Mosquitto + openHAB + InfluxDB + Grafana

I got a status page set up for my OpenEVSE in openHAB, and wanted to share.

OpenEVSE is configured to send to Mosquitto. openHAB subscribes to the topics and writes state to InfluxDb. Then I made a dashboard in Grafana, and iframe that back into openHAB. I've only been playing with the home sensing setup for a few weeks, so glad for suggestions, and also happy to share my configs.

When I got the OpenEVSE I viewed MQTT as a pretty minor detail, but it's great to have, so thanks! It all worked pretty easily, though I think I did have to restart the OpenEVSE's wifi after adding the MQTT config before messages started showing up; and having a kWh value that updates every 30s instead of just after a charge finishes would make comparing data to utility meter kWh values a little easier than integrating the A value.



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Nice work. The chart and timeline look great. 

I have played a little with MQTT => Telegrapf => InfluxDB => Graphana. Hopefully one day I can post a blog or video.

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