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Adding esp8266 ethernet card to advanced series charger

I’m considering purchasing an advanced series charger but concerned that wifi will be hit or miss in my driveway where the charging station will be installed. I see that the EU Store has an esp8266 ethernet/wifi card accessory which doesn’t appear to be available through the US store where I’m located. Wondering if this is a drop-in replacement for the wifi card installed in the US version of the charging station? Or perhaps would require re-flashing? Or perhaps there is another (better) alternative to add ethernet?

Sorry, not esp8266, but rather esp32.

The guys in the EU are usiing this board. THe firmware is automaticly compiled on our Github releases page.

You will need a 12v to 5v supply such as the UBEC to power the board.

OpenEVSE is planning to release a Ethernet/WiFI board in the near future.

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That’s great. I’m looking at a 6 month wait for the EV.☹️ Hopefully by the time I get it the ethernet/wifi board will be available. At least I know I need to install a cable with the power for the charging station.
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