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Controlling current via SolarPV-Gen not working


I am trying to control my new OpenEVSE through MQTT topics. I simply want to send it the available watts from my solar PV to set the charge rate. I can see it is registering however not restricting the amount of current.

Ie. I have setup the Solar PV divert like this which sets the MQTT topic to the amount of watts available "openevse/emon/emonpi/power1"

You can see below I have successfully set the solar to 1500W, which is great!!


However, when I go to the status screen it is still running at 11.66 A, I have also checked the car. You can see it has registered the 1500W but it is not 'Solar Smoothing'. I am guessing there is another MQTT topic that needs to be set to enable this however I can't find documentation.

Can anybody help?


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We would suggest updating the firmware. Here are the releases, there have been a lot of development of the Solar Divert and Current shaping features.

If you continue to have issues with the latest firmware please open an issue for the developers here: 

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