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OBC charger AC current limit

Hi, I have an Audi EV with 11kW OBC which delivers 7kW from single phase 240V. I want to have more control and i use arduino alot for home things and prototyping at work so OpenEV feels like a natural progression! When i see EV wallboxes for the US market using Type 1 connectors, they all discuss 40A and 48A supplies corresponding to 9.6kW and 11.5kW, or 3 x 13A chargers or 3 x 16A chargers running from the single phase. In the UK (and i assuelme EU) most single phase chargers are 7.2kW / 32A which corresponds to 2 x 16A chargers being online. The OBC clearly have some AC switching going on within where they probably all share a neutral but each of the 3 stages of the charger can connect to either the L/L1 pin for single phase changing, or connect one to each phase for 11.5kW charging. My question really is, what's stopping UK/EU Type 2 users getting 48A / 11.5kW charger capacity? I do see most type 2s are made with 32A pin ratings but the standard permits higher pin ratings. If the connector/cable capacity resistor was changed from 32A to a higher limit and the PWM duty signal increased then i wonder if the OBC would take it? Perhaps people have tried and found the country coding prevents it, or the car socket rating then is the limiting factor? Thanks, Stuart
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Likely not, most OBCs in Europe require 3 phases to get full power. OBC components are sized for lower current over 3 phases, not high current over a single phase.

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