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emoncms local setup help

I have a OpenEVSE working well, and had it sending data to I just built a local emoncms server and want to point the OpneEVSE to it. The only message I get from the OpenEVSE is "Failed to connect", I don't see any other logging. I don't see any logging on the emoncms side that will help troubleshoot.

On the OpneEVSE, I've pointed it to http://emonpi.local/emoncms , node = 0, and copied in the read/write API key from the local server. I initially tried using the Input/New Device/OpenEVSE configuration, which created inputs and feeds, but they had no data. I've gone through and removed the inputs and feeds, tried letting OpenEVSE talk to the emoncms server and create them (per previous posts) but no go. I've just gone and created the Input again, but I'm still not connecting from the OpneEVSE to the emoncms server. I've also tried setting the OpneEVSE config to point to the IP address of the emoncms server, no go.

I'm out of ideas. Any thoughts?

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Hi, I have a Pi zero 2 on hand and will try to set up mine and let you know results, I had it setup once before can't find that SD card.

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