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Clear LED Screen without connection reset

Hello. Is there a way to clear the LED screen, after pushing text to the LED screen, without issuing a hard reset? 

Have you tried the RAPI command $FP?

FP x y text - print text on lcd display

$FP 0 0 Top line text

$FP 0 1 Bottom line text

no text should clear the screen

$FP 0 0 

$FP 0 1

Hello. I have the same problem. I can only erase around 5-6 characters per RAPI command if i add this many spaces behind "$FP 0 0". More spaces result in $NK. I tried suggested solution without text bit it does not erase anything. My openevse is version 8.2.0 EU Is there any RAPI command to directly erase whole LCD? Thank for help.

If you are using RAPI via the Wi-Fi module, you are likely fighting with WiFi which is also controlling the screen via the same RAPI commands.

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