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Having two OpenEVSEs talk to one another re: chargning current?

Short version: Can I have two 48 amp OpenEVSEs talk to one another such that their total charge current does not go past 80 amps? (IE when one OpenEVSE is idle, the other can use its full capacity, but if both are in use, they're limited to 40 amps each?

Long version:

I'm in the process of installing a (NEMA 3R rated, outdoor) 100 Amp subpanel on the side of my house next to the driveway; my breaker panel is unfortunately on the OTHER side of the house, 60 linear ft away.

I have installed 1-1/4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe and will be pulling in 2 AWG wire, fed by a 100 Amp breaker in the main panel.

Per US NEC 210.19 and 210.20, the conductors and breaker are supposed to be rated at 125% of the maximum load because charging an EV is a continuous load (Longer than 3 hours.) Therefore, the MOST current I can draw off my 100 Amp breaker and subpanel is 80 Qmps.

The subpanel has two 60 Amp GFCI breakers feeding two separate NEMA 14-60R outlets. (Again, per the above rules, maximum charging current per outlet is 48 amps.)

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