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Open EVSE compatibility with Tata Nexon EV

Am having a off-grid solar system with 3kVA victron inverter. Tata Nexon EV model available in India comes only with fixed 3.3kW charging station. I wanted to try Open EVSE to dynamically modify charging current based on solar generation and home load.

I couldn't get confirmation from Tata team, if Open EVSE charging station could be used with Tata Nexon EV. 


I have few queries to do the above setup.

  1. Can I use Open EVSE with Tata Nexon EV and modify charging current to lower value (6A or 8A)? Has anyone tried Open EVSE with Tata Nexon in India?
  2. Will slow charging at 6A for a longer duration (5 days during sun hours) reduce the battery life? (The EV vehicle team told that slow charging at 6A can reduce the battery life, which I couldn't believe :D )

My goal is to fully power EV only with solar, without using grid. 

Our solar solution could generate 20kW per week more than our need, which I could divert to charging car. 

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