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Slow Webserver performance?

Just built the OpenEVSE that I received in the mail yesterday.

Loading the webpages takes FOREVER.

Currently it's running firmware 7.1.3 and WiFi firmware 4.1.2, which are both the latest.

I'm powered up on the bench with the OpenEVSE, my laptop, and my router in a 6 ft triangle.

Is there any way to telnet into the controller and see processor load or any other statistics?

Doing a little more research on this...

While connected to my home WiFi and pinging it from my router, I get significant packet loss.

The webpage stays at "Loading, Please Wait... (/)" for a long time.

While in StandAlone mode, this does not seem to occur as frequently.

Disregard... It appears to happen both when it's in standalone mode or when connected to my WiFi.

I have tried multiple WiFi modules with no change.

It seems to happen most frequently when connected to my WiFI.

Updating to 4.1.7 has solved my issue.

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