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$FF button disable RAPI doesn't work

I just updated to the latest firmware to get the new $FF command to be able to disable the front button, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

If I send "$FF 0", I get the response ">$NK^21" and the button still works.  The versions displayed are: firmware 7.1.3,  protocol 5.1.3, wifi firmware 2.9.1.

What am I doing wrong?


$FF B 0

$FF B 1

Enable/disable feature

$FF (feature_id 0|1)
Front panel (B)utton, (D)iode check, G(F)I self-test, (G)round check, Stuck (R)elay check, (T)emp monitoring, (V)ent required

Ahaaa! That works, thanks!

By the way, is this setting saved between reboots or will power cycling restore the button to functioning state?

Features are saved to EEPROM and will survive reboots.

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