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NO Pilot Signal

Hi, i assembled OpenEvse v5 with version 5.0.1 firmware. I connected PE and checked my connection. And when I power on openevse board, it says no ground and then I disable ground check it works fine. I used simulator circuit on github and manually changed CP to 9V, 6V and it says Connected and Charging, it works completely fine.

Below is schematic of simulator.


But when I connect the board to BYD Tang EV there is no change on board. It says Ready and Control Pilot won't change. On vehicle, there is yellow light indicating it is connected.


When vehicle is connected to BYD charger, it works fine too.



What should i do?

Also, I am using Type 2 to GB/T converter.

We would suggest checking the pilot wiring. The controller responded correctly to the EV sim resistors.  If the pilot wire is correctly connected all the way to the vehicle, the vehicle resistor should have the same result.

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