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Solar PV divert MQTT set up

Hi and thanks for reading.

I have my Open EVSE up and running great in standard mode.

Now I am working to set up the PV divert. 

Short version:

What MQTT messages need to be sent to get PV divert to function?

Back ground:

I do not have an open energy monitor, but I do have a system set up and monitoring current/voltage.

I can't seem to find the exact MQTT messages needed to get the Open EVSE to see available current to charge.

My connections are most similar to a "Type 1"

But, my EVSE is connected at the "junction block," so that current isn't seen by either current sensor.

Ideally, I'd just send my calculated EVSE wattage. But, I can't find the documentation for what is needed.


You are in luck, OpenEVSE needs available power in watts. 

Send your calculated watts available to the MQTT topic of your choice, subscribe to that topic with OpenEVSE and enable eco-mode.

Thanks for the information.

It took some playing around, but it looks like the topic may need to be #/mqtt_solar

I had tried multiple different combinations of topic names, this one worked.

you need a MQTT boker - for example mosquitto

Then you will need to publish your surplus energy to a topic on the broker

On you openevse you will need to configure it to read that topic from the broker

What I don't know ( until I actually build the system) is if the data has to be always positive , or negative

I have home assistant with mosquitto and node red, so is fairly simple to setup

Le me know if you resolved this


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