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Maximising use of PV (divert_min_current)

I’ve just taken delivery of my first EV and have an OpenEVSE (UK) charging it. Thanks very much for the great product!

I’m using Grid (+I/-E) to utilise excess PV generation. This time of year generation is insufficient to charge the vehicle before its next departure. However if I turn Eco mode off, the vehicle may be fulled charged several hours before its next departure leaving those several hours of PV excess unused.

My vehicle has a UI (in the car and in it’s app) to configure a departure schedule which is accessible through the manufacturer’s REST API.  When the vehicle is plugged in, I’d like to calculate the charge rate needed, based on the current SoC to reach a desired SoC before the next scheduled departure.  If I disable Eco Mode and set that charge rate as max_current any periods of excess generation over that charge rate will not be fully utilised.

I think I’d like to add divert_min_current to the /config API and use that value in divert_current_loop() such that the charge will not drop below that rate but can go higher if excess generation permits.  In principal would you accept a push request if I code that?  I needn’t expose it via the OpenEVSE UI if you think it’d confuse things.

I would handle the calculation of the min_charge_rate and updating of it as the charge progresses outside of OpenEVSE (maybe I can incorporate into demandshaper). I’m grateful of any thoughts as to my proposed approach - there may be an easier way I’m not seeing!

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