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is DC residual current protection required ?


I have a question regarding the use RCD type Bs and residual current detectors.

From what i have read online, it seems that EVSE stations require some sort of protection against DC fault currents. This can either be implemented with a type B rcd or a circuit that detects DC currents of 6mA or higher. From what i have read this requirement is stated in the IEC 61851 standard.

Could an expert on this topic perhaps help me clarify if this is also a requirement for single phase AC chargers or just 3 phase AC chargers? Is this an international requirement or just in the EU? I do not have access to these standards and would rather get an answer from someone with experiance on this topic anyways.

Thank you for your time.

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DC residual current protection is required in the EU for both single and 3 phase.

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