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Mennekes Type 2 IEC 62196 connections

I have a Kia Niro PHEV in New Zealand. Charging is 240 VAC (single phase) at a max of 16 amps via a Mennekes type 2 charging cable.

This isn't listed in the vehicles compatibility list, but I assume from the number of European models listed that the Niro PHEV would be compatible - very grateful if somebody could confirm this.

Also I'm wondering how the Mennekes pilot signal cables should be connected.

My understanding - which is a bit limited!, is that the charging cable has a resistor in the charging cable plug between PP and earth to define the current capacity of the charging cable. Therefore for a single phase charger, no connection is required from PP to the controller?

For CP (control pilot) I believe the signal protocol is identical to the J1772 protocol and that CP is connected to the controller in the same way as for a J1772 charging cable.

Very grateful if someone can confirm the above before I go ahead and order to kit.


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OpenEVSE is fully compliant with IEC and SAE EV charging standards. There are not any vehicles that are known to be incompatible in any country.

If you wish to use the Mennekes Proximity pilot you can load an EU specific firmware build. Otherwise connect CP, Earth, L1 and L2 and use the pushbutton to set the correct current.

EU OpenEVSE releases

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