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Which Australian wall plug?

I have just placed an order for the OpenEVSE 30A Deluxe with the J1772 40A cable and I was hoping for a little advice on which wall plug I should acquire in order to complete the parts I need when it arrives.

For context I live in Australia in a house with 3 phase power and I own a 2012 Nissan Leaf (2012 being the only MY ever delivered to Australia). 15A single phase outlets are reasonably easy to find and I would like to be able to make use of them when on the road.
It is my understanding the 2012 Leafs onboard rectifier can only handle 3.6kW which at 240v would mean drawing 15A.  The plan is to upgrade the leaf to a higher capacity EV within the next 3 years so I would like to wire the EVSE to allow me to draw it's maximum current later down the track but to use it mostly on 15A and 10A outlets in the meantime.

I have spoken to an electrician who advised me that it is best practice not to draw more than 20A on a single phase for domestic appliances.  With this in mind, how can I connect a plug that will allow me to draw the full 30A across two phases in a few years time while still allowing me to plug into 15A and 10A single phase outlets in the meantime?

 Yep, Steve from SMC Electrical was great, checked all the documentation on the EVSE to make sure it was safe and did a nice job installing everything.  I'd already had a three phase cable run for the previous EVSE with the idea it would be upgraded in the future so he had to install a 32A 3 phase RCD and isolator switch as well as mount and connect the new EVSE.  All up it cost $525 which I think is very reasonable.

Full solar integration is working great with my Open Energy Monitor system, just wondering if it's worth automating some contractors so it can dynamically switch between solar ramping and full power.

Yeah one of the problems with the Model 3 is the fact full power on AC is only possible with three phase. A lot of folks ask the AEVA if they need to get 3-phase installed, and in general the answer is no, but that's because 7 kW is standard on most vehicles. With a Model three, single phase is a mere 3.6 kW. 

I'm 100.0% certain you won't have any issues with the hardwired charge point, but good on the sparky for doing it. It would have been just as easy for them to say no - insurance, risk regulations blah.  

The plug is a great idea though.  Do you have the full solar PV integration going with your OpenEVSE? 

Also, we're looking for another technician at TAFE, as this little technician will be doing more and more lecturing... If you know of anyone who might be interested let me know!

Hi Chris!

We just upgraded our charger to the 3 Phase version of OpenEVSE which is hard wired in.
This means our new EV can charge at a max of 11KW but it's stuffed up our solar optimisation as the new minimum the car can charge at is still 6A but now that's across all 3 phases which means the minimum charge rate is ~4kW.  Given the fact that we only have a 5kW solar inverter that isn't terribly useful.

I'm considering putting in a 3 phase 32 amp socket with some adaptors so that I can connect only one phase or 3 phases to the charger depending on if I need max speed or want to optimise solar usage.

Hi Phil!

I just had a 32 A socket installed in my carport and I plug the OpenEVSE into this. Not only does it make the Electrician's compliance problem go away, it means my EVSE is mobile, saving me from needing to buy a second one for travelling.  Hope the new EV's going well.


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There are other options available I just discovered.There is a brand of electrical switches called PDL (Schneider) in NZ which makes very good industrial switches and hotpoints (sockets) and Plugs. Go to the electrical wholesaler and ask for series 56. I recently installed one in my garage because I up-rated the charger in my Nissan Leaf from 16A to 32A. They are also IP66 rated , regards Guido


I don't know which plug Australia uses for an electric stove ,but I think that it is the same as for NZ. These plugs and the sockets for it are rated at 32 Amp for 2 Phase and have 4 fat round pins in them ,they might even have a 32 Amp cord attached to them and sell in NZ for around $100 NZ (with attached cord) , I hope this helps . Regards Guido.


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