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New motorcycle ZERO firmware, now my charger not charge anymore

Hi folks, I have a charging station V4 board with last firmware. My charger work very good with my Nissan Leaf (2015). Since I updated my firmware on my Zero motorcycle, I plug the J1772, I see connected on the charger, I see on my bike ready to charger but nothing, the relay not activing, stay to 0 amp.

The original charging station come with my bike work great.

Have you any idiea? can I set some thing on my charger to force the relay to go on? make some test?


It is the responsibility of the vehicle to command the relay to close. The vehicle does this by pulling the pilot voltage down from 9v to 6v. The station can not close the relay until the vehicle sends the command.

I think is the J1772 tube connector need to cleanup. If is not working, I will change it.


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