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ECO Mode with Enphase Envoy

Can anyone suggest how I might take advantage of the ECO mode feature to match charging to my solar output in conjunction with my Enphase Envoy?

All the documentation I can find says that this can only work with an emonPi, which is stupid. I've already got a solar monitoring system (like almost everyone who has solar). There must be a way to connect it (says the optimist in me).

I did find a tool called Envoy2Emoncms, but it hasn't been updated in years. May it hasn't been needed and it just works. Can I run that in the OpenEVSE somehow, or do I need to run it on an external device like an RPi? If the latter, can it send the data directly into the OpenEVMS, or do I also need to set up and EmonCMS server, MQTT server, and who knows what else to get it to work?

ECO will work with any system if you can get the data.

You need to publish the number of watts avaliable to MQTT.

Subscribe to the MQTT topic with OpenEVSE.

We would suggest starting with:

Here are a couple examples:

Tesla Gateway 2

Sense Energy Monitor

Thanks for the pointers.

So it looks like I need to set up an MQTT server, and roll my own data converter. I was really hoping that someone else had solved this problem already.

One more question about ECO mode, what happens if the solar monitor or MQTT server goes down and OpenEVSE doesn’t get any updates? Does it stop charging, revert to minimum current, or maximum current, or something else?

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