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Using ECO mode to fully utilise available power.

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to build a situation where i'm using the full 25 amps of my main fuse, based on the current used power in my house. This way i want to make sure i'm never exceeding 25 ams, so i'm not blowing my fuse. I'm measuring the power used in the house from my P1 smart energy meter, it get's updates every second. 

I already figured out a way to send the remaining wattage using MQTT to the openevse, with the required - in front of it. 

Now I though of a potential problem. Let's say I'm currently using 1000 watts of my available 5750 watts. My homeassistant server would then send the value of -4750 watts to openevse, and openevse would change the available amps based on that value. Now where I see the problem is when openevse changes the the value, and starts pulling more amps from the net to charge the car. My P1 smart meter would notice that, and send a new wattage value of 0 to the openevse, which would then limit the charging to 6A?



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Use the Grid IE setting, OpenEVSE accounts for its own usage from the updates.

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