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Troublesome EV vehicles (timed charging not working)

 I know that a few vehicles has problems with timed charging, in the sense that they do not wake up once charging starts.

Does anyone know which devices are affected by this? I know of the following:

2015 eGolf
2014 eUp



A work arround has been implemented, which substitutes the J1772 Standard EVSE not readt to provide power BC transition state - Pilot high no PWM with an error state (pilot low). The transition from error to ready wakes up the problem vehicles.

As far as I can tell from the thread, this fixes eco charging, not timed charging? (I have tried it as well on 2014 eUp, and the car does not wake up on timed charging regardless of this setting)
So, I had a better look at the code, and I think I understand how this option disables the EVSE rather than putting it to sleep. However, the problem with the eUp 2014 is that after around one minute of being connected to a charger, the car seems to go to sleep, with no possibility of waking it up. It easy to reproduce - Just pause normal charging, and you wont be able to re-start. The issue is reproducable as well with any mode 2 charger. If disconnected at the powerplug, its impossible to re-start charging if 2 minutes passes.. I dont expect there's any way to solve this, but it would be good to know how widespread the issue is.

The work arround works for both ECO and timers exactly as you understand, sleep mode (BC transition state) is replaced with error disabled (pilot LOW). We have reports the work arround does work on the eGolf. If the eUP does not work we would suggust contacting the vehicle manufacture as see if a firmware update is avaliable.

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