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Eco mode, solar divert 3 phase

Hi, I am planning to setup my openevse again after moving house, we now have loads of solar panels and want to make use of this for charging our car. 

However i have a three phase system and i tried to look into the code, but i think three phase is not supported as the calculation is based on the exported and/or solar generated kW's?

This will then not be correct for three phase: 

1 phase: 6 amps equals around 1,4kW

3 phase +N: 6 amps equals around 4,2kW

So I would like to have the car start charging with a leftover of 4,2kW otherwise I am importing 3,2kW. 

is three phase for eco mode supported or do I need to do some calculations on the MQTT values i am feeding openevse?

Just a follow up from myself and to close this item.

I have the follwing setup running and working to my satisfaction:

Openevse (v4) firmware: 

ESP32 Gateway firmware:4.0.0

Solar PV divert feed used: Grid (+I/-E)

MQTT via Openhab3. I have now used my threephase actual consumption from my meter and divided it by three before sending it to ESP32.


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Well, it looks like I'm discovering the same issue on mine : with 400V 3 phase, it starts charging with 1.4kW available, but it will needs around 4.2kW (6A @400V). 

I have exact same configuration as you, and this firmware is specially provided for 3 phase, but it computes like it is one phase... 
There is many thread about this, why is this still not fixed ?
Or should we correct something on the OpenEVSE configuration ?

I can also divided by three before sending the value, but it's called "cheating" ...

Basically the hardware board of openEVSE is not laid out for three phase. It basically is an US product for the US market and they generally do not use the three phase system.

For properly using the openEVSE for three phase and make it aware if it is actually charging one or three phase it will need to have a means of measuring all three phases. However with the current board design this is not possible. 

However I (hope to) see slowly a shift.

The openEVSE board is going to be handling the safety related issues and the pure implementation of the communication between the charger and the cart according SAE J1772 and IEC 61851-1 Annex A. The ESP32 board will take care of all the "extra's" like power usage calculation, one/three phase, Solar divert, LCD control, etc.

However backwards compatibility will need to be provided most likely which is a pain i guess. I will be very interested in how thing will be developing in the future.

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