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Eco mode, solar divert 3 phase

Hi, I am planning to setup my openevse again after moving house, we now have loads of solar panels and want to make use of this for charging our car. 

However i have a three phase system and i tried to look into the code, but i think three phase is not supported as the calculation is based on the exported and/or solar generated kW's?

This will then not be correct for three phase: 

1 phase: 6 amps equals around 1,4kW

3 phase +N: 6 amps equals around 4,2kW

So I would like to have the car start charging with a leftover of 4,2kW otherwise I am importing 3,2kW. 

is three phase for eco mode supported or do I need to do some calculations on the MQTT values i am feeding openevse?

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Just a follow up from myself and to close this item.

I have the follwing setup running and working to my satisfaction:

Openevse (v4) firmware: 

ESP32 Gateway firmware:4.0.0

Solar PV divert feed used: Grid (+I/-E)

MQTT via Openhab3. I have now used my threephase actual consumption from my meter and divided it by three before sending it to ESP32.


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