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Very low wifi signal leading to Wifi and MQTT issues

I have my router set up about 10 feet away from my box, but through a brick wall. Basically the same wall, just 10 feet down and on opposite sides.

I'm getting some really intermittent connections that I started noticing with my MQTT broker, and I just noticed my RSSI is bouncing between -80 and -85. I basically get a connection and a status update maybe once a day (though it's hard to tell).

What could be causing this, and is there anything I can to do help? It's causing my MQTT connection to be VERY spotty.

I doubt it matters but it did get quite cold here lately, in the 15-20 F range (-9 to -6 C) which is pretty cold but not "break your electronics" cold.

I'm on firmware v3.3.1.

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