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Use level 3 port for backup power

 Every time I loose power at my home I think about how nice it would be to tap into the 65KW of power that I have between two electric cars. I am thinking it would need to be an enclosed device about the size of a small generator so it can have an inverter in it. I also am thinking the plug and cable for the car can be detachable that way it can be interchangeable between the different level 3 port standards. I don't think the device would need to power a whole house but if it could provide outlet power of around 2000 watts than that would, I feel, suite the needs of a power outage. 

I am looking at getting an EGO power station to use during power outages. If there was a similar device that could plug into the car's level 3 port, the power capacity would be incomparable. I would have more power available and feel more at ease, instead of buying a bunch of EGO batteries that I have to remember to check and keep charged.  

I know it is really easy to throw an idea out there and I do understand how difficult or even impossible to create something like this can be, but I do know if a device that plugged into my EV would let me harness that stored energy I would defiantly buy one. I can also see this device being very useful during camping trips, tailgate parties, etc.

So that is my 2 cents for what it is worth just wanted to throw that out there to see if it sticks.

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