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RAPI for CCS chargers


We're a small team from Ukraine trying to implement open source CCS in low cost installations (as well as retrofits to older cars). I was thinking about piggybacking OpenEVSE for the interface and OCPP (not sure if it's done already, but I threatened to help with it on github a while ago anyway).

What I'd want to do is to extend RAPI to support things that are available over the digital channel (ofc. OpenEVSE itself doesn't need to support those), such as SoC and maybe Plug and Charge things. 

My question is, whether it is wise to try incorporating that as a pull request to the WiFi repo (when we have it all working that is) or is it better just to fork and keep our project totally separate?

If that proves successful there are further horizons to tackle such as digital mode AC with OpenEVSE (the standard allows the station to probe the car for digital communication and fall back to plain J1772 if it doesn't work), V2G when ISO 15118-20 is a thing and so on.

PS: I was also going to ask about Europe related tweaks to OpenEVSE such as DC GFCI/3 phase metering/voltmeters to detect phase skew but apparently all of that is in the works right now?

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