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How many units has open EVSE sold world wide

Hi Team, 

Could you please help me in a EV charger research to know the details of how many units has the Open EVSE sold country wise, or its revenue

Thanks and Regards 


Please add, Hellevoetsluis 3222CP, the netherlands

No problem we have added all new requests.

you could put my pin for Wright St, Langley BC, V1M 3T2

Yes please Austria postcode 3361 Aschbach Markt

Done. We have added all the stations in the requested zip codes.

Yes please 80125

Yes please. UK postcode HR6 9HS..

Yes please, I have three. One in Round Lake Beach and two in Round Lake Park, all 60073 zip

In March 2019 we ran sales by zip code for purchases directly from and plotted to the map. OpenEVSE products purchased from other partners, or after March 2019 are not on the map.

@Paul We can add a pin for you in your city if you would like.


How does an openEVSE charger appear on this map? Mine is not showing.



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